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Does the idea of becoming a Weekend Millionaire® intrigue you? Are you skeptical about becoming rich? There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of programs and materials on how to get rich. Many of them promise a lot but deliver very little. The difference in this program is that the ideas and concepts you’ll learn are simple, realistic, and doable, and they work. There are no gimmicks, tricks, or attention-getting publicity stunts designed to mislead you into thinking you’ll get rich quick. And best of all, you’ll learn from two men who’ve done it – and they’ll teach you every step they took.

Real estate investing is not limited to wealthy tycoons. People from all walks of life own rental properties and are becoming rich doing so. You no longer need to be a slave to a weekly paycheck. All successful people have defining moments that change their lives forever. Moments when they have a flash of insight about their potential and ability to be successful that forever sticks in their mind as a moment that turned their life around. This program can produce one of those defining moments for you!

In The Weekend Millionaire’s Real Estate Investing Program: How to Get Rich in Your Spare Time, you’ll learn that you don’t have to quit your day job to get started and be successful in real estate. The Weekend Millionaire’s Real Estate Investing Program is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to target a possible real estate property and analyze its true value to get the absolute most out of your investment, whether you plan to rent or sell. This program gives you a long-term strategy, based on sound market principles, to leverage the properties you buy and develop to create a substantial cash flow without major capital investment.

The Weekend Millionaire’s Real Estate Investing Program is filled with practical ideas that work. In one of the most complete products on real estate investing you will find anywhere, successful real estate investors Mike Summey and Roger Dawson take the potentially complex topic of real estate investing and turn it into a simple, easy-to-understand process that shows you how to build wealth. Mike and Roger both have proven track records when it comes to real estate wealth building and show you how you can create a game plan for success over the process of eight weekends.

In this program you will learn:

  • How to find ideal investment properties.
  • How to determine the investment value of a property.
  • How to manage and maintain properties (you won’t be doing this yourself).
  • Power negotiating techniques, or “Gambits,” as Roger Dawson calls them.
  • An 8-step plan for weekend real estate investing.
  • The 14 biggest mistakes real estate investors make.
  • How to find motivated sellers.
  • How to find no-money-down deals.
  • And much, much more!

Mike and Roger first met when Mike hired Roger to speak at an outdoor advertising convention in 1986. Since that time, they have become close friends who respect and admire each other’s unique talents and skills. Mike and Roger have come together in this audio program to bring you investment strategies that will allow you to build a strong financial future, using your spare time. If you are serious about wanting to turn your life around and become rich investing in real estate, this program can show you how to do it. They will show you how to become a Weekend Millionaire®.

Mike Summey purchased his first investment property, a single-family home, at age 34. While working a demanding job, he used his spare time to purchase hundreds of houses, apartments, and commercial rental properties – over half of which he owns free and clear. He retired at age 50 with a seven-figure annual income from his properties.

Roger Dawson was president of one of California’s largest real estate firms before becoming an internationally recognized negotiating expert. His students have invested over $30 million in his Nightingale-Conant audio program The Secrets of Power Negotiating. 8 CDs

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