Financial Security Bible (SPECIAL GIFT EDITION)




“The Financial Security Bible is the ultimate gift for graduates, newlyweds, or anyone else who might want help getting started in life or who just want to better understand personal finances. It is bound in a gold lettered leatherette hardback cover with a gift page, a new prologue, and an about the author section. It contains 508 pages filled with stories and antidotes designed to be a reference on how to build a firm financial foundation for yourself and your family. It provides rock solid guidance that no financial hurricane can break through. It is called a bible because, like the Holy Bible, many of the lessons it contains are embedded in real-life stories and parables that relate to everyday situations we all face. It describes the range of lifestyles that people fall into, from the Lifestyle of Success to the Lifestyle of Failure, and all others in between. It will teach you how to identify where you fall within the range and how to change your position in life if you so desire. Most people want to improve their financial position, no matter where they are on the scale.

This is not a highly technical financial text that requires an MBA to understand but rather a down-to-earth user-friendly guide that every person, no matter their age, can use to improve his or her finances. Mike shows how he was able to extract powerful life lessons from seemingly insignificant incidents throughout his life and put these lessons to work to achieve financial success. He teaches you how to do the same from your life experiences. Each time you read it, you will gain additional knowledge and ideas that will help you build wealth and be happy. This book is a collector’s edition that you will be proud to openly display and will want to read over and over again. It is a gift that will be treasured by those getting started in life as well as those who desire to build a better future for themselves. The books come individually shrink wrapped for protection and are a resource you won’t want to be without.”

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