Chat Transcript – April 5, 2010

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Mike_Summey Hey Mark. Looks like we’re early.
Mark Sorry Mike, I’m trying to finish up a phone call. How are you!
Mike_Summey Doing Great here! And you?
Mike_Summey Hi Nancy
Mark Fantastic.
Mike_Summey Which Mark is this?
nancy Hi Mike! thanks for hosting. Hi Mark
Mike_Summey We’re a little early. Any questions before we get busy.
Mike_Summey Hi Trav
Mark Hey, can you recommend a company for Background and Credit checking?

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Chat Transcript – March 1, 2010

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rh Hello.
Mike_Summey Hi rh
Mike_Summey Hi Santo, long time no see.
rh Hi Mike.
santo hi mike
Mike_Summey Looks like we’re early.
rh I’m excited to be here. It’s still business hours in Los Angeles, so I hope my boss doesn’t walk in.
Mike_Summey rh, if he does, call him over and tell him to watch…he might learn something.
rh 🙂
Mike_Summey Santo, how are your properties doing? Bought any more lately?
rh I have many questions on different topics. We’ll see how many I’m able to squeeze in tonight.
santo rh, if you by enough houses, you can fire him
Mike_Summey Way to go Santo!
Mike_Summey rh, why don’t you get started now before we get too busy.
rh I’ll start with an easy one.

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Chat Transcript – February 1, 2010

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Mike_Summey Hi Ken, Luke & Trey
LukeL Hey Mike
LukeL Feeling better than last month I hope
LukeL Enjoy the snow in Asheville?
Trey Hi Mike
Mike_Summey any burning questions before we get too busy?
Mike_Summey Hi ciwa & Dennis
ciwa Hi, I’m new here 🙂
Dennis Hi Mike
Mike_Summey We still have about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground.
Mike_Summey ciwa, we’re all friends so just jump right in any time.
ciwa I’m in Montreal… we’ve had our share
ciwa of snow, that is
Trey Yea I have several Do you prefer rural areas or closer to the city?

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Chat Transcript 1-4-10

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Mike_Summey Hi everyone!
John K Hi
Mike_Summey It’s cold here. About 15 degrees and blowing snow.
Mike_Summey Hi Joshua
Joshua Happy New Year Mike
LukeL Not much warmer here in Raleigh…
Mike_Summey Happy New Year to everyone!
gp Hi all
sujaykaycee hi
Mike_Summey Roger Dawson is off another speaking tour in China so he won’t be with us.
Mike_Summey Hi sujay
sujaykaycee hi mike
Mike_Summey Hi JohnC
John C IL Hi Mike.
sujaykaycee how have u done this month?

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Chat Transcript – December 7, 2009

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Roger Dawson Hi Jess and Santo
Jess Hi Roger
Roger Dawson Greeting from rainy Southern California. Mike will be joing us soon from Asheville.
Roger Dawson There’s Mike!
Mike_Summey Hi everyone
Mike_Summey Hi santo. Haven’t seen you in a chat for a long time.
Mike_Summey Hi sj
sj hi mike and roger
Mike_Summey Roger, my brother in Carson City said they got 18″ of snow last night. Did you get weather at your house?
Mike_Summey Any question?
Roger Dawson Mike:
Roger Dawson Mike: it’s been pouring with rain all day here. Snow in the mountains but not here of course.
santo hi mike, having a little trouble with the java
Jess Hi Mike, just would like to know in what circumstances will the landlord needs to increase the rental?

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Chat Transcript – November 2, 2009

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Roshard Hello folks!
sithsister Hi!
Mike_Summey Hi everyone. Sorry I’m late.
hawkeye775 Good evening
Roshard Good evening
Roshard You are right on time Mike
Trish Hi all.
Mike_Summey I’m trying to coordinate getting Roger here from the airport.
sithsister Hello, first time here so hey everyone
hawkeye775 welcome sithsister
Mike_Summey Welcome sister. Glad you could join us.
JerryR Good Evening Mike!! Thanks for writing the great books. First time on the chat session. I am looking to invest in Florida and have about $70,000 cash and excellent credit to play with. New to investing and want to get started on the right track. I have heard that banks are now holding tight to their REO’s. How would you suggest I get started. Thanks

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Chat Transcript – October 5, 2009

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Mike_Summey Hi qmonty
gmonty1 Hi Mike
Mike_Summey Hi Hawkeye
hawkeye775 Good evening
gmonty1 hello
Mike_Summey Looks like we’re a bit early.
Mike_Summey Anything special on your mind before we get too crowded?
gmonty1 this is my first chat session
gmonty1 working on my 1st real estate foreclosure deal
hawkeye775 Fixing to buy my third investment house
Mike_Summey gmonty, we’re all friends here. There are no dumb questions, only people who stay dumb because they are afraid to ask.

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Chat Transcript – September 14, 2009 – Guest Expert Carleton Sheets

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sj Hi mike
Mike_Summey Hi sj
Mike_Summey Hi bamoore
Mike_Summey I just got here from the airport.
bamoore Hello, Mike
Mike_Summey I’ve been flying all afternnon.
Mike_Summey Carleton should be joining us any minute.
sj How’s the weather up there?
Mike_Summey Hi Josh
Josh hey Mike
Mike_Summey sj, weather was great today.
Mike_Summey sj, where are you?
Mike_Summey Is it sj or si
sj Lots of rain and storms in Monroe,LA.
sj sj
Mike_Summey I just got my plane back today from 8 weeks in the shop. A complete avionica upgrade.
Mike_Summey avionics

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Chat Transcript – August 3, 2009

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Mike_Summey Hi Si & Ted
Mike_Summey Hi Roger
Ted Hello to you both as well
Roger Dawson Hi everyone!
sj Hi Mike and Roger
Mike_Summey Sorry, that’s sj not si
Mike_Summey sj & Ted, what’s on your minds tonight?
sj Mike, can I start it off?
Mike_Summey go
Mike_Summey Hi david
davido hey guys
Roger Dawson Welcome Davido
davido haven’t made it in a while, but i’m still here. actively investing when i can
sj Does a tenant bankruptcy overide a landlord’s eviction?

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Chat Transcript – July 13, 2009

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Mark Hello All
trav Where you guys from
Mark Athens, GA
Mark What about you?
trav Asheville, do you have any rentals
Mark Yes, but only one…it’s a 4/3 house.
trav nice
Mark I’ve got a fire damaged house (through the roof) that I’m trying to fix up.
Mark That’s going to be one of my questions tonight.
trav right, good idea
Mark Hey Mike.
trav Hey Mike
Mike_Summey Hi everyone
sj hey mike
Mike_Summey Looks like you beat me here.
trav I’ve been looking forward to this
Mike_Summey trav, glad to have you. Where are you from?

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