Chat Transcript – February 7, 2011

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Mike_Summey Hi broadway! Looks like we’re early.
Mike_Summey Hi SWMontana
broadway Hello Mike! Yes, we are
SWMontana Hi Mr Summey
Mike_Summey Hi rh & Greg
Greg Hi Mike!
rh hello
rh Mike, I was wondering how far you go into the finer details with your rehab. I have a property that’s in very good shape but the closets are really plain one-shelf affairs, the front door is a flat white slab and some of the paint on the exterior trim is aging. I was considering making some improvements, but my property manager is telling me not to bother because tenants don’t care and I won’t get any more money for rent. I’m very torn because I think it will enhance the appeal of the property, but at the same time I understand I may not get much return on my investment. How detailed do you go in your rehabs?

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Chat Transcript – January 3, 2011

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Roger Dawson Hi everyone. Happy New Year!
Roger Dawson Mike Summey will be joining soon I expect.
Greg Happy New Year Roger!
Doug_in_CT We need our fearless Mike Summey leader
broadway Roger, just started reading Millionaire Mindset and really enjoying that. Thanks for your stories in there.
Doug_in_CT Ya know to look at that picture, it does appear that Mike Summey has aged a bit.
Roger Dawson I’m sure that if Mike were here he’d be telling us that this is the best time for buying rental property that he’s ever seen. Even here in California we have generate cash flow with 20 % down, which we’ve never been able to do in the past.
Doug_in_CT So are you buying in SoCal Roger?

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Chat Transcript – December 6, 2010

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scstate88 Hello,
jacobsentom Hello
Mike_Summey Hi jacob & SC
jacobsentom Hello – I thought I would listen in. I have not participcated in a couple years.
Mike_Summey We’re a bit early.
Mike_Summey Jacob, don’t just listen…participate. We’re all friends here.
Mike_Summey Hi Jess
Jess Hi Mike
scstate88 I need some help with what options to take for my rental house that is behine in payments due to losing my tenant and having to do some repair work before I could consider section 8. I wanted to know whether to get an investor that just wants a good return on their money for a using their money or what?

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Chat Transcript – November 2, 2010

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Roger Dawson Hi Mike!
Mike_Summey Looks like we’re the first ones here.
Roger Dawson Hi gp
Mike_Summey Hi gp
gp evening friends
Mike_Summey gp, where ya from?
gp McKinney TX, originally FL
Mike_Summey Where is that from Dallas?
gp Yes North Dallas, 10th best place to live acc. to Money Mag
Mike_Summey gp, are you familar with Al Lee
gp and a great place to invest
Roger Dawson Hi Ted and Liberty Brad
Mike_Summey Hi Ted & Liberty
gp No
LibertyBrad Hello
LibertyBrad I am not familiar either
Ted Hello Mike and Roger
Mike_Summey Hi Joshua
gp ?
Joshua Hi Mike, Hi Roger
Mike_Summey Hi Greg
Greg Hi Mike & Roger!
Roger Dawson I’m in Southern California and there’s not much change in the RE market. Investors are snapping up bargains in the 100K to 150K range. These are properties that were selling for over twice that.

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Chat Transcript – October 4, 2010

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jacobsentom Testing to see if I am online
Mike_Summey Hi gp, gtvny,
Mike_Summey & ncbob
gp evening mike
Mike_Summey How is everyone?
Mike_Summey Any questions before we get too busy?
Mike_Summey Hi Tim
Mike_Summey Everyone is awful quiet!!!
Mike_Summey Hi broadway
broadway Hello Mike
broadway Hello everyone else too!
Mike_Summey Anyone got any news?
Mike_Summey Hi Joshua, Justin & Ted
Joshua Hey Mike
gtvny any advice on short sales?

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Chat Transcript – September 13, 2010 with Special Guest Bob Roberts, Regional President First Citizen’s Bank

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mr.holtzman hello
Mike_Summey Hi everyone! Looks like I’m late.
Mike_Summey Hi Greg.
Greg_in_Boston Hi Mike … how ya doin’!?
Mike_Summey Hi Bob Roberts. Glad you could join us tonight.
Mike_Summey Hi Dennis
bob_roberts Thanks…glad to be in.
Dennis Hi Mike
Mike_Summey Did everyone get my late email about Bob?
Dennis yes
mr.holtzman yep, welcome bob
Mike_Summey He is the Western Regional President of First Citizen’s Bank.

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Chat Transcript – August 2, 2010

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CHARLIE Hey carlton charlie
carletonsheets Hello Mike and everyone!
Mike_Summey Hi Charlie & Carleton
Mike_Summey Hi Grumpy
Grumpy Hi Mike!
Mike_Summey I wasn’t expecting you tonight Carleton, but thanks for joining us.
Mike_Summey What’s up with you charlie?
Mike_Summey Hi Joshua & jneun
carletonsheets Glad to be here, at least for a while.
Joshua Hey Mike
jneun Good evening all
CHARLIE Just working on projects
carletonsheets Where are you Charlie?
Mike_Summey Charlie, are you the charlie from Anderson?
CHARLIE Anderson sc carlton

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Chat Transcript – July 5, 2010

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Alan_Charleston,SC [b]I am ready!
kim Hi. Anyone in?
Alan_Charleston,SC [b]Hello Kim!
Alan_Charleston,SC [b]Hi Mike!
guysmiley Hi Mike!
kim Hi Mike
Mike_Summey Hi everyone!
Mike_Summey Looks like we have a few early birds.
Alan_Charleston,SC [b]Yes, a month is a long time
guysmiley We lucked out finding out about the chat tonight
Mike_Summey Roger may or may not be joining us. He is in China.
Mike_Summey Hi Rudolph
RudolphtheRed Hi Mike
Mike_Summey Any questions early before we get crowded?

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Chat Transcript – June 7, 2010

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Roger Dawson Hi Janevan and Fishizzle! Mike should be with us shortly
Roger Dawson There’s Mike!
Mike_Summey Hi everyone!
Fishizzle Hey Roger and Mike
Roger Dawson Hi Rudolph!
Mike_Summey Looks like I’m late.
robsargent828 Hi!
Mike_Summey Hi Rob
Roger Dawson Mike no, you were right on time. to the second
janevan Hi Rudolph!
Mike_Summey I’ve had a busy day. Just barely made it back in time.
RudolphtheRed Hi Folks!
Mike_Summey Any questions before we start getting busy?
Mike_Summey Now’s the time. Only 4 of you and 2 of us. the odds are good.

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Chat Transcript – May 3, 2010

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Dwayne_Wiseman Charlie, Good evening. How is the weather in SC?
Dwayne_Wiseman Hi Mike.
Mike_Summey Hi Dwayne & Charlie
Mike_Summey Hi Rudolph
RudolphtheRed Hi Mike. How are you doing?
Mike_Summey Hi SJ
sj Hi Mike
Mike_Summey Looks like we’re getting a few people in early tonight.
Mike_Summey SJ or Rudolph, if you have a question for Dwayne before the room gets crowded, you may want to ask him now.
Mike_Summey Hi Charlie
sj lots of interest in your guests tonight!!

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