Final Chat Transcript – December 5, 2011

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nspollard what’s up Stanley?
stanley This day, how are you nspallard?
nspollard great getting lots of things done
nspollard waiting for the chat to start
stanley Yea I’m a bit everywhere myself. This is my first chat though, how about you?
nspollard my second
nspollard I’m in Georgia, I’m a realtor and auctioneer
nspollard and real estate investor too!
stanley Hmm, I’m in Maryland. I’m real estate investor, life coach and a published poet.
nspollard my early life was enjoyable in Baltimore and Virginia Beach
stanley What made you leave?
nspollard my mother and father divorced, and my mother brought me and my sisters here
nspollard I joined the Navy and came back and settled here
stanley Do you like it in Georgia?
stanley I must say thanks for the service of this country!

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Chat Transcript – November 7, 2011

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gimmecoffee really? only 3 of us?
gimmecoffee 4
gtvny looks that way, bad economy I guess
Wade There we go
gimmecoffee bad economy- for sure. Cant get a credit line w/o a warren buffett backer
tahoematt good evening everyone
Boston1 Good Evening all
gtvny I have been pretty lucky getting credit, problem is where I live everything is a short sale so who has time for that.
gtvny Although I did just buy a short sale and it went rather smooth.
gimmecoffee DFW metro area is tighter than a drum, for new loans
Mike_Summey Hi everyone! Sorry I’m a bit late.

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Chat Transcript – October 3, 2011

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Mike_Summey Hi everyone
electricianhoward hi
carletonsheets Hello Mike
broadway Hello Mike, Carleton and everyone!!!! It’s a beautiful day in the Ozarks today
Mike_Summey It looks like we have a special guest tonight. Hi Carleton Sheets
Mike_Summey Hi Jan-eric
Jan-Erik Good evening
carletonsheets Mike, just want to stop in for a few minutes to say hello to everyone!~
Mike_Summey I’m still trying to finish my dinner. I was splitting firewood until just a few minutes ago.
Jan-Erik No more splitting. Light them fires. 🙂
Mike_Summey Carleton, glad to have you. Don’t just stay a few minutes, spend the next hour wih us.

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Chat Transcript – September 12, 2011

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electricianhoward hi
Bill Have you been to the chat room before?
BozoB yes, I have.
BozoB you?
Bill This is all new to me
BozoB Well, welcome.
BozoB Where are you from?
Bill I am from Orlando
BozoB nice. May i ask what the real estate market is like there?
BozoB Howard, where are you from?
Bill Still slow too many people thought it would go up forever
BozoB btw, I’m from Hawaii. 🙂
electricianhoward from toronto
BozoB I see. Have you purchased any property?
Bill Do we hear anything @ 8 or does Mike type also?
BozoB mike types also
Bill I don’t need my volume up loud then
BozoB naw. It will alert you when someone arrives to the room, but all conversation is done through the keyboard
BozoB Hello Matt
matt how you doing?
BozoB Always great. How are you?
BozoB JE, Hello there
matt can’t complain either.
Jan-Erik Hello
BozoB How’s it going with the investing?
BozoB Hello Mike
Mike_Summey Hi everyone

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Chat Transcript – August 1, 2011

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BozoB Hello?
BozoB Hey Mach
mach78 Good evening
mach78 How are you doing
mach78 ?
BozoB I’m great
BozoB how are you?
mach78 Doing pretty good myself
BozoB good to hear 🙂
mach78 Last time I was an hour late
BozoB been there
BozoB lol
mach78 Got the time zones a bit mixed up
BozoB where are you from?
mach78 Brazil. You?
BozoB I’m from hawaii
mach78 Awesome
mach78 When did you get into the “Weekend Millionaire”family

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Chat Transcript – July 11, 2011

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colberttigers I’m a new investor looking for my first rental property. Other that riding around (which I am covering), what is the best way to find owner financed property?
rePDXagent Evening ya’ll
CHARLIE Hey everybody
markl hello all
rePDXagent How was your 4th of July Celebration, Roger?
Roger Dawson Hey Charlie: where is Mike tonight
Mike_Summey Hi everyone. Sorry I’m late.
CHARLIE Roger late as usual
Mike_Summey I was outside and let the time slip up on me.
Jason Hey All. New to this business. Love listening but starting will be interesting.

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Chat Transcript – June 6, 2011

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Broadway Hi all
Roger Dawson Hi everyone. Welcome to the chat. Mike should be joining us any minute
Roger Dawson Hi Carlton. How are you?
carletonsheets Hello Roger.
carletonsheets Doing great, Roger. And you?
carletonsheets Every one who has joined…where are you from?
Roger Dawson Yes, great Carlton. I spoke up in Canada last week and i’m off to Trinidad for a talk next Monday.
costco Tallahassee, FL
Broadway Springfileld Mo
Rocksolid64 vegas
Roger Dawson Los Angeles
Roger Dawson There’s Mike!
carletonsheets Twenty years ago I would have been jealous. But now?…just getting older and travel weary.

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Chat Transcript – May 2, 2011

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CHARLIE Hey davidd & sparky 37
davidd hello
sparky37 Hello
sparky37 Hello Mike
CHARLIE Hey mike how was your trip today
Mike_Summey Hi everyone!
Mike_Summey Long day Charlie.
Greg Hi all!
sparky37 Mike, did any of your properties get hit with the storms?
Mike_Summey Just got back less than an hour ago from Alabama.
Mike_Summey Sparky, not that I know of.
sparky37 Glad to hear that
Mike_Summey Sparky, we did have a huge tree blow down in a storm a couple of weeks ago.

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Chat Transcript – April 4, 2011

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ATHU Hello Keith! Where are you from?
Roger Dawson Hi Athur and Keith, Mike should be joining us shortly.
Keith Hi All – Keith here from Plano, TX
ATHU Hello Mr. Dawson. I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday with many more to come
Keith Second that – Happy Birthday Roger!
Roger Dawson Thank you Athu and Keith!
Mike_Summey Hi everyone…especially the birthday boy!
Jan-Erik Good evening all
Mike_Summey Hi Jan-Erik
Roger Dawson Thank you Mike!
Mike_Summey Hi ATHU, Keith & Richard
Richard Hi Mike
ATHU Hello Mike
Keith Hey Mike –
Mike_Summey Stormy weather here. I hope I don’t get knocked off line.
Mike_Summey It is supposed to get very bad later tonight.
Mike_Summey Anybody have questions before we get too busy?

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Chat Transcript – March 7, 2011

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txfirefighter how are yall this evening
GP good so far. How’s everything?
txfirefighter going great thanks
CHARLIE Hey everbody
txfirefighter HI
Roger Dawson Good evening everyone
RonW Hi
broadway Hello Charlie and Roger. Hope everyone has had a great Monday
txfirefighter good evening
CHARLIE Hey everybody mike will be with us shortly he is having computer problems
CHARLIE Hey roger dawson
CHARLIE Hey broadway
Greg Hi charlie!
Roger Dawson Interesting article in the LA times this morning about Stockton CA. Forbes named it the most miserable city in America. Big part of the problem is the highest foreclosures in the nation. Property prices have dropped to one third of their high.

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