Posted on May 22, 2019


Financial Security Bible is the perfect gift for the new graduate, newly wed or anyone else getting started in life. (It is a great tool for older folks too.) Bound in a gold lettered leatherette hardback cover with gold page edging, and a place holder ribbon, it contains 508 pages filled with stories and antidotes designed to be a reference on how to build a solid financial foundation that no financial hurricane can break through. This is an easy to read, easy to understand, down to earth financial guide that every person, no matter their age, can use to improve their finances. It makes a great gift as it comes individually shrink wrapped for protection and contains a gift page in the front.

The book contains information about life in the real world that is not taught in schools. Don’t let your new graduate, or anyone else you care about go through life becoming buried in debt and struggling financially. This is a reference book that will help them learn how to handle their finances responsibly, regardless of their income. It is a memorable gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.


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