Corey & Dana Kindhart – Jackson, MS

Posted on January 26, 2007

Before we discovered the Weekend Millionaire books, we were emotionally stressed about the future. Our income was very volatile and far from secure. Now we have peace of mind emotionally knowing that we will be successful in our real estate ventures. As a couple we are working together to achieve financial independence.

Today the properties we have already purchased have secured our retirement, but we are still working on building more passive income. For a long time we thought real estate investing was limited to buy low and sell high. That was until we started studying the Weekend Millionaire books and listening to the audio CDs. Now we are convinced the way to go is to buy, rent and hold.

We’re through with the 9 to 5 workdays with 2 weeks vacation. Now we work the way we want and know we can feel secure about our income and retirement. We’re no longer afraid of the future.

One of the most unique experiences we’ve had was walking away from a deal and then having the seller call us back to accept our original offer. We learned about “walk away power” in the negotiating part of the program, but until this experience, we really didn’t know its true power.

Two things we’ve learned that have helped us the most are how to use home equity lines of credit to fund unlimited purchases with little or no money down and the value of patience, patience, patience.

The first book The Weekend Millionaire’s Secrets to Investing in Real Estate gives you all the knowledge you need to be successful, but Weekend Millionaire Mindset was the book that help us develop the right thinking to put that knowledge to work.

Thanks Mike and Roger for sharing your knowledge with everyone through these wonderful tools!

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